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Rectus India Distributor and Dealer of Fiber Networking, Fiber connectivity. We provide leading companies worldwide with an extensive range of the best available fibre-optic communications products, customised fibre-optic cable assemblies and fibre-optic expertise. We supply fibre-optic products to a broad range of markets, including network systems installers and end users, OEMs, the defence sector, telecommunications providers, universities and research establishments, and the transport, oil and gas industries. We carry top and most popular brand in the Fiber networking equipment industry :-Fibergate, Fiber Store, Paramount Cable


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Comprehensive range Telecom Cables, Optical Fiber Cables.

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Fibre to the Home(FTTH) is the installation and use of optical fibre directly to individual buildings such as a single family units (SFUs), like residences and multidwelling unites (MDUs), like apartment buildings, and businesses to provide high-speed broadband access.